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Facility Hire

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Faciltiy hire Applications

    Customer details

    Emergency First Aider Contact (if different from above)

    Facility required

    Sports HallStudio 1Studio 4Room/Lecture Theatre


    Invoicing/Internal Transfer only
    Internal Transfer


    Terms and conditions


    Payment for bookings of 3 or less sessions must be paid for at the time of booking. If paying for 4 or more sessions full payment via invoice/internal transfer will be taken or payment for the first and last sessions in the block of 10. Only when the booking form and payment via the aforementioned methods is received is the booking confirmed. 10 or more consecutive sessions may be eligible for a reduced rate. Please refer to VAT Exemption information in section 11 below. For hirers who wish to use the space commercially for fitness related classes, there may be some consultation to ensure rental of the space is not to the detriment of LSBU Active activities, and the charge of the space may differ to those advertised.

    Cancellations for facility hire must be received 10 working days before the date of the booking for any refund/rescheduling of the session to be made. Cancellations on consecutive sessions may affect any discount that has been agreed.  If sessions are cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances by LSBU Active a full refund will be issued for that session.

    Sessions are 55 minutes long starting on the hour and ending 5 minutes to the hour. Failure to leave the booked area on time will incur a charge of the full extra hour.

    All spectators must be seated within the Viewing Gallery and permission for use of the gallery must be requested at the time of booking in writing. Any children (Under 18) must be supervised in the Viewing Gallery by a responsible adult at all times. There are no spectators allowed in the studios unless agreed prior to booking.

    Children and young persons under the age of 16 are only permitted access if accompanied by a responsible adult.

    If any facilities are left in a state of disrepute the person/company/department hiring the space will incur a charge for cleaning and or maintenance.  For large commercial events, a deposit of 10% of the total booking cost will be required and will be refunded following the event minus any additional costs incurred for cleaning and maintenance.

    LSBU Active cannot accept liability for loss or damage to any item of personal property, goods or articles unless caused by the willful default or negligence of The University, its servants, or agents.

    Hirers using the facility for commercial ventures (when participants and/or spectators are charged) will also require their own public liability insurance.  A copy of this must be given to LSBU Active at the time of booking.

    Hirers will be required to visit LSBU Active before the start date of their activities for a full breakdown of fire evacuation protocols.  If the activity the facilities are booked for is not within the current set of risk assessment’s LSBU Active holds, the booker will be asked to complete a full risk assessment before the start date of their activities. If the named first aider will not be onsite during a session LSBU Active must be informed prior to this session and a necessary agreement made.

    Terms and conditions may be altered following the pre-activity meeting dependent on specific details/exceptions that arise.

    To be eligible for VAT Exemption, the following conditions must apply to the booking:

    The booking consists of 10 or more dates

    Each booking is for the same sport/activity
    Each booking is in the same place. This condition is still met where a different pitch, court or lane is used (or a different number of pitches, courts or lanes), as long as these are at the same location

    The interval between each session is at least 1 day but not more than 14 days (for a gap to be at least 1 day, 24 hours must elapse between the start of each booking). The length of the bookings may be different on different dates. There is no exception for gaps greater than 14 days if the facility is closed for any reason (such as the Christmas period)

    The booking is to be paid for as a whole and there is written evidence to the fact. This must include evidence that payment is to be made in full whether or not the right to use the facility for any specific booking is actually exercised. Provision for a refund given by the provider in the event of the unforeseen non-availability of their facility would not affect this condition

    The facilities are booked out to a school, association or an organisation representing affiliated clubs or constituent associations, such as a local league. (No commercial organisations can be VAT exempt)

    The facilities are booked out to a club, which offer as proof or written confirmation of Governing body or league affiliation. (No commercial organisations can be VAT exempt)

    The person to whom the facilities are booked has exclusive use of them during the bookings.

    LSBU Active is part of the London South Bank University (LSBU). LSBU is committed to protecting people’s rights and privacy in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other relevant legislation and regulations (collectively Data Protection Law). The University is registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Data, including sensitive personal data (‘Personal Data’), provided on this form may be processed by LSBU for the following purposes: processing of your application, administration of activities, record-keeping, and compilation of statistics. Information produced for statistical purposes will be anonymised and will not identify you as an individual. LSBU will not share data collected on this form with any third parties unless it has: your express consent; or is otherwise permitted to do so under the DPA. For further information, LSBU Data Protection Policy is available at http://www.lsbu.ac.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/11686/university-data-protection-policy.pdf.

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