Move for Change

Move for Change

Getting physically active can do wonders for your health and wellbeing, but there are a number of things that might be stopping you from taking that step. Move for change aims to provide free resources bringing together physical activity and tools to help your wellbeing, we have a range of support available to get you moving and feeling better.

Did you know every student at LSBU can sign up for a free ‘foundation’ membership at LSBU Active? It gives you use of the LSBU Active gym facilities Monday to Friday, 8am to 12pm, and Saturday, 10am to 12pm.

Click below to activate your free foundation membership.

activate your free foundation membership


Have you heard of the YouPlus app?

Getting active is now easier than ever with YouPlus; it is the perfect stepping stone to an active lifestyle. It has a range of exercises you can do in the comfort of your own space, all filmed with real students on LSBU’s campus. The best part about it? These exercises boost your memory, creativity, and mood to help you achieve in your studies and manage your mental health. Plus, you can earn rewards from top brands like Nandos just for getting active! Download YouPlus for free today!

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Social sports just for you

The opportunity to Move for Change group sessions and group exercise activities – usually £2.50 or £7 per session – free of charge!

You’ll be able to connect with others and get moving in a non-competitive way. Move for Change group sessions have something for everyone, offering badminton, functional sessions, skill x (power, agility, stamina and speed) sessions, table tennis, and much more. See table below.

Monday09.00-09.45Skill X Power
12.00-14.00Move for Change Badminton Session
13.00-13.55Functional Fitness
18.10-18.55Skill X Agility
Tuesday07.10-07.55Functional Fitness
13.00-13.45Skill X Speed
18.10-18.55Skill X Power
Wednesday07.10-07.55Skill X Speed
09.00-09.45Skill X Agility
18.10-18.55Skill X Power
Thursday13.00-13.55Skill X Stamina
18.10-18.55Skill X Speed
Friday07.10-07.55Skill X Agility
09.00-09.45Skill X Speed
12.00-14.00Move for Change Badminton Session
13.00-13.55Functional Fitness
18.10-18.55Skill X Stamina

Speak to our reception team to access these sessions.

For additional exercise and nutritional advice, download our free guides, full of handy tips to help start our well-being journey.

Download the Free guide

Student Support

The Student Life Centre is your one-stop-shop for advice and support about anything non-academic. To speak with an advisor, come along to the helpdesk, call 020 7815 6454, or log in to My Account to start an online chat or send an enquiry. The SLC is open Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm, Friday 10am to 5pm. Phone lines are open Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm.

You can also send an enquiry or book a video, telephone or in-person appointment with a specialist support team directly. If you’re not feeling your best, we encourage you to book a quick Check-in and Chat appointment with the Mental Health & Wellbeing Team. If you’re worried about money, please book an appointment with the Student Advice Team. For urgent mental health support, click here.

Find out more about booking an appointment
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