On Saturday 23rd March, the LSBU Cheerleading Squad travelled up to Birmingham to compete in the ‘Legacy’ Cheer and Dance Competition! For this weekend, universities from all around the country come together to showcase a range of performances. LSBU Cheer gave it their all in a dazzling performance that included stunts, coordinated dance moves – as well as an incredible effort from all involved. After the event, students gave glowing reviews of the weekend, with one first time attendee, Amber White, 1st Year, School of Applied Science, saying she “loved performing and found everyone very supportive”.

Other returning students remarked on how “team spirits were high”, with one student saying that for their routine “the team worked together amazingly the progress from last year was tremendous. The new uniform and bows also made a huge difference as the team felt a lot more unified” – Amelia Bywater, 2nd Year, School of Business

Members from the entire squad picked up on the unity and team spirit the weekend had brought. “At this moment, we didn’t feel like a team, we felt like a family” remarked Joe Soriano, 2nd Year, School of Business. 

Final words from the cheerleading squad club leader – Nayana Gash, 2nd Year, School of Applied Science: “it was a lovely feeling to see everyone so proud of themselves and the journey they have been on. The progression from the team from last year was massive. This was one of the biggest teams LSBU cheerleading has had with one of the best routines the team have performed and it was an honour to captain the team at this competition”