We at LSBU understand that during the month of Ramadan, students, LSBU staff and community members may find it difficult to access services after breaking their fast that would help maintain a suitable level of physical activity. We acknowledge that more can be done to support students and positively influence your experience by celebrating the benefits of remaining active. At LSBU, we intend to wholeheartedly support any staff, student or community member who wishes to fit being active around their Ramadan fasting schedule.

We are proud to be doing this by offering a series of free fitness sessions from Monday, 11th March through to Tuesday, 9th April. The sessions are as follows:

  • Monday nights: Free gym access from 8pm-10pm at LSBU Gym
  • Wednesday nights: Free gym access from 8pm – 10pm at LSBU Gym
  • Friday nights: Free Drop-in table tennis sessions: 8pm-9.30pm.

There are huge benefits that come with participating in physical activity. This includes improving memory, reducing stress levels, reducing anxiety and improving concentration. By offering these sessions, LSBU Active also hopes to combine the idea of creating a supportive atmosphere for individuals observing Ramadan and the benefits of physical activity. In the ways outlined above, we think exercise as part of a group or individually is hugely beneficial – and would like to extend this benefit to as many community members as possible through programmes like this.

To get involved in our sessions, any LSBU student, staff or community member who already has an account with us (including a Pay as you go account) can attend our sessions; members can swipe into any session by turning up at reception. If you do not have an existing account, please click here to register.