Congratulations to Dzidek Sabat on completing the 2023 London Marathon.

Dzidek, who described himself as a “couch potato” just a few months prior, decided to sign up for the marathon as a challenge to himself and to prove that he was able to do it at his age of 46. With little running experience at all, he embarked on a 12-week training programme. The transformation that subsequently took place is what Dzidek is most proud of. “There has been a complete change in my mindset and lifestyle. I no longer describe myself as that ‘couch potato’, but instead now as an Athlete. Thinking like an Athlete. Eating like an Athlete. Training like an Athlete.”

Dzidek was incredibly pleased with the facilities here at LSBU Active, saying that the equipment is very modern and provides very cool features. For example, the centre has two Skillmills which are an impressive product with innovative technology. They were an integral part of his training routine and was utilised for his interval runs, lactate runs as well as sled-push exercises. He was also full of praise for the LSBU Active team and the lovely atmosphere here at the centre. “I felt the support from all the members here and that’s what makes LSBU Active different to other places, it made my training that bit more enjoyable.”

Dzidek has found a new lease of life and is now training for his next races, a cycling event and then a marathon in Valencia, Spain. He left us with three key tips for anyone who might be considering a marathon: firstly, “start slowly and gradually build up the mileage”; secondly, “read and improve your knowledge on how to train for a marathon”; and most importantly, “follow the training programme exactly and do not do any less or more than it says.”