On Sunday 3rd September, 6 LSBU staff members completed the Big Half Marathon. All the staff members completed the 13.1 miles with a PB for one, a first race for some and others returning for the experience, but most importantly all the staff enjoyed taking part in such a fantastic event.

“I feel so proud to have completed my 5th Big Half Marathon and it’s such a fantastic atmosphere with all the other runners, elite athletes and supporters on the day, I would recommend the challenge to anyone” Safia Zerdazi, Senior Sports Development Officer

“We have done the Big Half as a team before which was great because I knew the route and so I enjoyed it even more than before. Running in the sunshine, knowing friends and colleagues were in the crowds with you and meeting after to share our route stories, race times and a massive lunch meant for fantastic times! I beat my last half marathon time and feel extra motivated for my next half marathon in November, where I hope to shave off another 6 minutes!” Helen Parker, Governance and Compliance Manager

“The whole day was pretty surreal and amazing, it’s such a massive event and very well-organised. The run itself was tougher than expected but I am very pleased that I signed up and completed it. It was very inspiring to see people of all ages and backgrounds taking part and enjoying the occasion, I’ve even managed to inspire some of my friends to take part next year too. I’ll be there next year, hoping to improve on my finish time!” Geoff Hong, Fitness Coach