LSBU Active supported Year 8 students from South Bank University Academy in the first Sports Festival as part of the Day 10 project.

LSBU Active has led a six-week programme of activities as part of the Day 10 initiative, and the final project was for the Year 8 South Bank University Academy students, supported by the LSBU Sports Ambassadors, to deliver a Sports Festival to primary school children.

Over the course of the six-week programme, LSBU Sports Ambassadors have delivered sessions on how to coach, sharing key skills and knowledge, and the Year 8 students also engaged in Applied Science, testing sessions and gym introductions.

The sports festival was a great success with 61 children taking part from local primary schools. They learnt new sports games, made new friends, and had the chance to visit the brand-new sports facilities at LSBU Active. The students also got the opportunity to share the knowledge they have developed throughout the project.

For our Sports Ambassadors, this has been a great experience, the project was able to align with their academic studies and add to their portfolio.