LSBU Active were delighted to host London Youth Games (LYG) with their ‘Inclusive Coaches’ workshop to enhance the inclusive workforce for improved sports delivery and tackling barriers to physical inactivity. LYG’s Inclusive Coaches program is designed to foster inclusivity in sports coaching, ensuring that every individual, regardless of ability or background, has access to the transformative benefits of physical activity. Over the course of the year, all coaches on the programme, will get the chance to gain valuable insights into creating a positive and supportive atmosphere for all participants, benefit from free workshops and CPD qualifications and gain bespoke support and mentoring tailored to each coach.

The workshop consisted of practical and technical elements that were fully interactive to support the delivery for all participants. 16 coaches from across London, were introduced to the programme and took part in The Activity Alliance’s Inclusive Activity Workshop. As an education establishment, London South Bank University is committed to shaping the local landscape that is people centric and improve access to opportunities, such as courses and workshops with regional providers like LYG.

Being able to host such a worthwhile educational programme with LYG has been overwhelmingly positive for our student staff cohort that work as part of our Sports Ambassador Scheme. This included one our PhD student Sport Ambassadors who attended the course to further their skills as a Sports Ambassador and support their studies at LSBU. We aspire to deliver a real-world impact with our partnership organisations like LYG to deliver this workshop and transform local communities and the success of our students.