We at LSBU Active and South Bank SU are excited to invite you all to an evening of recognition to celebrate the achievements of our sport for student members over the past year. 

This is an event open to all LSBU students. Join us on Wednesday 29th May at 6pm in The Venue Bar as we will recognise the great achievements you have all made this year in sports and continue the celebrations with guest DJ.

Get your free student tickets using the link below before they’re gone! Limited guest tickets available where standard guest tickets policy apply. 

All nominations will be announced soon!

Ticket link: https://url6.mailanyone.net/scanner?m=1s1oFy-0006UU-4N&d=4%7Cmail%2F90%2F1714486200%2F1s1oFy-0006UU-4N%7Cin6j%7C57e1b682%7C10937368%7C14344598%7C6630FCDE0A32FE14154FCDF864873093&o=%2Fphto%3A%2Fstssbut.nkuhafina%2Fe.mtvpnevr%2Fsoetgrtsicon-eentitevno-337522%2F&s=m9yuscQeSCRYFB8HdCoO-6rY6Fw